Santa Brings Toys 

I'm headed out 
in the light of the moon
the reindeer are prancing 
on top of the rooves 

I'm dropping off presents 
for good girls and boys 
'Cause everybody knows 
Santa brings toys 

Everybody knows
Everybody knows 
A choo-choo for Tommy
and a dolly for Rose 
So when you hear sleigh bells
makin' some noise 
everyone will know 
Santa's bringing toys 

Oh it starts with the elves
all working away 
then I'll load those
toys into my sleigh 
On Donder on Dancer
we will fly into the night 
with the reindeer using
all of their might 
I'll land on the roof and
down your chimney 
and lay those presents
under your tree 
Don't think you can wake up
to take a lookey lookey, 
I'll be long gone thank you
for the milk and cookies 

I'm going home 
back to the North Pole
Mrs. Claus will take 
me in from the cold 
And on Christmas morning 
when you wake up with joy
I hope you are having
lots of fun with your toys 
I hope you have opened 
all of your toys 
Get busy playing 
with all of your toys 

(C) Bryan Gallo 2015
(P) Bryan Gallo Muzak (ASCAP)

Appears on Santa Songs