Tears Never Come 

Strolling down the avenue and the rain starts coming down 
a solitary Valentine and the rain it's heavier now 
this weather's so appropriate for walking home alone 
I don't mind if I get wet 'cause the tears they never come 

Walk into a small cafe and the waitress asks of me 
Would you like a table for two or just a counter seat? 
Could I have the space to have my coffee all alone 
I am gonna take my time 'cause the tears they never come 

Every night when I convince myself I need to cry 
The tears they never come so I never need to dry my eyes 

A heart shaped box of chocolates and a single glass of wine 
A double bed and a paper back to help to pass the time 
I wonder if I'll ever find a place that feels like home 
I need someone to break my heart 'cause 
the tears they never come 
Would you come and break my heart cause 
the tears they never come 

(C) 2014  Bryan Gallo Muzak (ASCAP)

Appears on The Party Guest & Live On The Farm: April 11th, 2015