B Movie 

Hey pretty baby leave and come downtown 
I'm feeling lonely and you can show me around 
We'll see the high beams of the passing cars 
They'll help us make a movie, and you can be the star 

Hey pretty baby come and take my hand 
'Cause you've got nothing better to do, I'll make you understand 
That I'm worthwhile, I'm surely worth your time 
I'll try to make you smile, maybe you'll make me cry 

Never find a girl that looks like her 
I know this night's not gonna 
last forever, last forever, last forever 

Hey pretty baby let's leave this place 
We'll find somewhere to match the beauty of your face 
We'll get some coffee at a classy store 
and I know I swear by God I'll leave you wanting more 

Hey pretty baby climb into my bed 
I'm so tired I'll sleep for days and you'll just rest your head 
Sweet little thing let me in your dreams 
'Cause we're still filming that final movie scene 

No one ever does what she does 
I think, I'm pretty sure I'm 
falling in love, falling in love, falling in love 

Hey pretty baby leave and just go home 
I've had a lot to drink and I want to be alone 
When I go to open my eyes I can see, 
Oh pretty baby you were never 
here with me, here with me, here with me 

(C) 2014 Bryan Gallo
(P) 2014 Bryan Gallo Muzak (ASCAP)

Appears on The Party Guest