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Shows & Events:

On Sunday July 14th, Bryan will be performing solo & acoustic at People’s Pub in Bayport, NY. Some may remember the building at 291 Bayport as the spot of the well known and loved Grey Horse Tavern, and People’s Pub is bringing back much of the old charm. Bryan will be performing a mix of original songs and cover tunes from 3-5pm solo & acoustic, while the good folks of People’s Pub cook up the good stuff and serve up some fantastic libations. Be sure to visit www.peoplespubbayport.com to check the full kitchen menu, cocktail menu, and draft list.

All Ages / Free Admission

On Thursday July 18th, Bryan will be performing plenty of songs he wishes he’d written and a small sampling of some he has solo & acoustic at Lucharitos Farm in Center Moriches, NY. The performance will contain multiple sets, and will run from 6-9pm.

To help quell your appetite Lucharitos will be serving up their famous Tex-Mex fare and to help wet your whistle there’ll be a diverse mix of beverages available, both alcoholic and non alcoholic in a casual outdoor atmosphere.

(Please note that this performance is weather dependent, and will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather.)

No Cover Charge / Family Friendly / All Ages

For more details visit: www.Lucharitos.com

On Friday July 19th, Bryan Gallo will perform songs he's written and plenty he wishes he had at Clovis Point Vineyard in Jamesport, N.Y. Clovis Point is one of Long Island Wine Country's most scenic venues with excellent award winning wine.

There will be multiple sets performed from 4-7pm, containing songs Bryan's written and many he wishes he'd written as well.


On Sunday July 21st, Bryan Gallo will perform songs he's written and plenty he wishes he had at Clovis Point Vineyard in Jamesport, N.Y. Clovis Point is one of Long Island Wine Country's most scenic venues with excellent award winning wine.

There will be two separate sets during two separate seating sessions, from 1-3pm and also from 3:30-5:30pm. Advanced reservations are strongly encouraged, as tables fill quickly. To make a reservation and for full details, please call 631-722-4222


On Friday August 2nd, Bryan Gallo will perform songs he's written and plenty he wishes he had at Clovis Point Vineyard in Jamesport, N.Y. Clovis Point is one of Long Island Wine Country's most scenic venues with excellent award winning wine.

There will be multiple sets performed from 4-7pm, containing songs Bryan's written and many he wishes he'd written as well.


On Saturday August 2nd, Bryan will be performing plenty of songs he wishes he’d written and a small sampling of some he has solo & acoustic at Lucharitos Farm in Center Moriches, NY. The performance will contain multiple sets, and will run from 6-9pm.

To help quell your appetite Lucharitos will be serving up their famous Tex-Mex fare and to help wet your whistle there’ll be a diverse mix of beverages available, both alcoholic and non alcoholic in a casual outdoor atmosphere.

(Please note that this performance is weather dependent, and will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather.)

No Cover Charge / Family Friendly / All Ages

For more details visit: www.Lucharitos.com

On Friday August 16th, Bryan will be performing songs he’s written and many he wishes he had solo and acoustic at Westhampton Beach Brewing Co. in Westhampton Beach, NY.

There will be multiple sets performed from 4-7pm, as WHBC’s taps will be flowing with their in-house craft brewed offerings for your enjoyment. Small bites are also available to purchase for those who come hungry.

No cover / All Ages allowed (21+ to drink)


On Saturday August 17th, Bryan will be performing plenty of songs he wishes he’d written and a small sampling of some he has solo & acoustic at Lucharitos Farm in Center Moriches, NY. The performance will contain multiple sets, and will run from 6-9pm.

To help quell your appetite Lucharitos will be serving up their famous Tex-Mex fare and to help wet your whistle there’ll be a diverse mix of beverages available, both alcoholic and non alcoholic in a casual outdoor atmosphere.

(Please note that this performance is weather dependent, and will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather.)

No Cover Charge / Family Friendly / All Ages

For more details visit: www.Lucharitos.com

On Friday, August 23rd, Bryan will be performing solo and acoustic at The Branch Brewing Company in Mattituck, NY. Bryan will be performing multiple sets containing songs he wrote and many he wishes he had from 6-9pm. The good folks at The Branch Brewing Company will be serving up in-house brewed Branch beers, along with a multitude of other Long Island made Craft Beer, Wine, and spirits offerings. There's a full kitchen and a varied menu for those who come hungry as well. For more information on the venue, please visit www.branch.beer

All Ages / Free Admission


On Saturday August 24th, Bryan will be performing at The Riverhead Brew House in Riverhead, NY. The Riverhead Brew House offers pub style foods and a diverse list of in-house made craft brews, and is situated along the Peconic River with wonderful views of the water. Bryan will be performing multiple sets of songs he wishes he’d written (with a few he wrote added in as well) solo & acoustic from 1-4pm.

More info on the venue can be found at www.riverheadbrewhouse.com

All Ages / Free Admission

On Saturday, August 31st, Bryan will be performing a full band set on the Flower Power Stage at Bradstock XXXI. Bryan will be joined by Mick Hargreaves on bass and harmony vocals, Nick Balzano on drums and vocals, and special guests TBD. Bryan's set is scheduled from 12-1pm. In addition to performing on the Flower Power stage, Bryan will also be MC'ing it as well for the day and the following day, announcing the bands who will be performing there.

Bradstock is a music festival that takes places at Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck in Center Moriches, NY run by the non-profit organization of the same name that looks to raise funds for many worthy Long Island causes. For full information (including the full lineup for both days of the festival, ticket pricing, camping availability, and other pertinent details) please visit www.bradstock.org


On Sunday October 6th, Bryan Gallo will perform songs he's written and plenty he wishes he had at Clovis Point Vineyard in Jamesport, N.Y. Clovis Point is one of Long Island Wine Country's most scenic venues with excellent award winning wine.

There will be two separate sets during two separate seating sessions, from 1-3pm and also from 3:30-5:30pm. Advanced reservations are strongly encouraged, as tables fill quickly. To make a reservation and for full details, please call 631-722-4222


The B.G. Blog Spot

2023 In Review, and Looking Through to 2024 

As it turns out 2023 was quite the eventful year for me.  There were 52 public musical performance dates on the calendar, and there were plenty of other times I was making music happen as well.  I had two shows at The Tilles Center’s Atrium space that served as bookends for the year, played a few Long Island based festivals, and was even enlisted to serve as Emcee/Host for a few of those events as well.  (This is sort of a big deal as someone who used to *only* feel comfortable on stage on my own if I also had a guitar in my hand.)  I performed solo quite often but had a decent amount of gigs where I played “full band” as well, some full tilt rock and roll with electric guitars and drums, and a few with a newer format of acoustic guitar, upright bass, and pedal steel added which suited my songs and repertoire very well.  I had a chance to showcase my original music at those full band shows, and also at the two shows I played as part of the East End Writers Round series. I performed *plenty* of other gigs where the focus was mainly on songs other people have written, but it’s always a treat to get to share tunes that I dig with ears who want to hear them.  

In addition to performances in front of live audiences, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity this year to reach folks through other means as well.  I was in at Four Village TV studios in Floral Park, NY to film a recent episode of Wes Houston Presents… that debuted in March, and in April I was at the WLIW-FM studios as an on-air guest on The Heart of East End with Gianna Volpe which was my first time live on an NPR affiliated radio station.  (Both shows/appearances are archived online, and you can find them with via a Google search.) 

There were gigs and shows that came up as last minute additions, and a some that saw cancellation due to the weather and other factors.  There were shows played to hundreds of people, and shows performed to just a handful of people.  There were shows were everything went well and beyond expectation, and some where unexpected events presented challenges beyond just singing and playing well for an audience.   In addition to musical performances, this year I started hosting several enjoyable trivia events that saw my Emcee skills get put to the test even more so.  As someone once famously said, “there’s no business like show business…” and I couldn’t agree more.  One big thing that this year has taught me is that I have the inherent desire to get out there in front of folks and entertain ‘em.  No matter how things shake out with all the ups and downs involved with it all, it’s simply just who I am.

As always, I send out a big thank you to the venue managers, festival coordinators, TV hosts, radio DJs, and many others who give me the time, place, and space to share my talents with others and most of all - to the wonderful audiences that I get to share them with.  I’m already looking forward to 2024 with plenty of hopes and aspirations (including *finally* getting some new recordings released) but something else that 2023 taught me was to trust in myself and the time I’ve put in to my performing career up to this point and to just enjoy the ride.  Here’s wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy new year, and I hope to see you in ‘24!


2022 in Review, and Rolling on into 2023 

Two thousand twenty two wound up being quite an eventful year for me.  Seventy three gigs total, with three of them being private performances (two baby showers and a fundraiser for a very worthy cause on Fire Island).  I got a chance to perform to hundreds of people at the Suffolk Theater’s All For Ukraine Benefit (sharing the stage with some musical legends such as G.E. Smith and Corky Laing) and got asked back to the Suffolk to do an opening set for storied comedian Robert Klein.  I also was called upon to sing the National Anthem at the Riverhead Raceway in front of hundreds of racing fans, which was quite the experience during one of the hottest days of the summer.  

I performed solo/acoustic, as an acoustic duo (with Mick Hargreaves joining on upright bass and vocals), as an acoustic trio (with Mick on the upright and vocals Nick Balzano joining on drums and vocals), and as an electric trio (joined by both Mick and Nick, with me plugging in the ol’ Jagstang.)  

I performed at arts festivals, theaters, bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries, flower gardens, community markets, farms, orchards, pumpkin patches, a race track, and on stages large and small. I joined many musical friends for unscheduled performances too at open mics, open jams, song circles, and song swaps.  Through these performances, I fostered old friendships and planted the seeds for new ones as well.  Aside from performing, I also continued work on my second full length studio album.  (I’ve had a lot of starts and stops in progress with this project since the beginning of 2019, and I’m *really* hoping to get some new music out to you in the new year.)  

I’ve also had many other things happen that didn’t involve performances or recording.  It’s been a year of notable life events including getting married to my lovely wife Michelle (followed with a fun honeymoon in Nashville) and also a year of learning how to live with the loss of one of my best friends, fellow songwriter Travis McKeveny.  It was a year of many changes, plenty of ups and downs, and lots of learning how to live as a “newer me”.  It was a year that taught me to honor the past while still trying my best to keep moving forward.  

While I look at the current scheduled performances and plans for 2023, it looks to be a little “light”. It’s not always easy being a performing musician, with the many uncertainties that always seem to be abound. But thinking about this, I have to take a step back and remember that many of the things that happened this past year weren’t planned from the get-go.  I started this year with a small springboard of events, and then opportunity presented itself for many things as time went on.  If there’s something I’ve learned well in 2022 it’s that once things get rolling just keep on rolling along with them, and hopefully, everything else that is meant to be will follow you.  

As always, I’m forever thankful for everyone’s encouragement, love, and support. Be well, and I wish you all wonderful 2023!

- Bryan

2018 In Review, and looking forward to 2019 

2018 was quite the eventful year for me musically.  According to my count, I had 84 solo performances and 9 total with the full band.  I had several shows that were song swaps/“In The Round” events sharing the stage with some other great Songwriters.  I had a handful of shows that saw me cross the bridges off of Long Island and perform in the Garden State (with one at the beautiful 1867 Sanctuary and also one as part of the fantastic Folk On Foul Rift house concert series.) I focused on trying to perform more shows this year with a full group, which I accomplished and went from going out as a four piece outfit to a three piece group.  This was challenging at first, but it got me to really focus on the “meat and potatoes” of my songs and also pushed me to get reacquainted with truly playing “electric guitar” yet again.  I also got the opportunity to do some really cool opening stints, including gigs at the Tilles Center where I performed a solo set of all of my favorite 80’s tunes at The Lost 80’s Live show (where the guys in Wang Chung took the time to say hello and had some kind words to say) and again with my full band before Dennis DeYoung performed “Come Sail Away” not once, but TWICE.  

I’m most certainly grateful for all of the opportunities I had throughout the year, and look forward to keepin’ on into 2019.  I’m hoping to keep the full band gigs on the regular (there’s already one scheduled for February of next year) and I also hope to schedule myself some more dates that’ll see me venture beyond the confines of Long Island.  I’ll be starting off the year by beginning work on recording a batch of songs that I’ve been performing with my full band in the past few months, so I look forward to see how those shape up in the studio and if I can get them to come out on tape the way I’ve been hearing them in my head for a long while.  It’s been quite some time since The Party Guest was released as my debut full length release (over four years now), so I’m very excited to finally get cracking on some new recordings.  I’ve been hung up for a while on where me and my songs are supposed to “fit in” as part of today’s modern sonic landscape.   But over this past year, I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered more than ever how to stay true to my heart and my ears, and to know what makes my songs really sound like they’re “Bryan Gallo songs” .  I can’t wait to share that with you all in this upcoming year, and I hope that 2019 brings everyone good health and good vibes all around.   


Keepin' Cool while things are Heating Up: A Recap of June 2018 

I always look forward to the time of the year where we gain some more daylight hours.  I definitely feel I become a little more productive, and have a bit more "pep in my step".  I suppose the Sunshine will do that for ya.  I'm not the biggest fan of the heat though, but luckily for me June of 2018 saw some extended Spring weather along with those longer daylight hours.  It surely was a treat, and was even better that I had some cool gigs & events throughout the month.  Here's a quick recap of a few of them: 

* Saturday June 2nd - Homegrown Long Island WUSB Radio Show - Stonybrook, NY *

It had been quite a while since I had visited the studios at WUSB to be on air.  "The Most Dangerous Station In The Nation" is one of the longest running free-form, commercial free College Radio stations in the U.S., and they are very supportive of the Long Island Music Scene.  It had been so long in fact, that I had yet to visit their brand new studio digs, as the old studio went down with some renovations to different buildings on the Stony Brook University campus.  While the old charm (and antique dust) of the old studio will of course be sentimentally missed, their new upgraded equipment and studio rooms were absolutely fantastic.  It was a true pleasure being on Dj Bobanero's Saturday morning Homegrown Long Island program, where I played a few of my as of yet unrecorded tunes, talked about my Summer show schedule, and the Long Island scene.  I was also glad to see that they held onto the VERY old original broadcasting board that came with the original studio and that they were using all the way up until they moved to their new space.  It's always awesome to be part of anything that's "Left of the Dial".  

* Wednesday, June 6th -  "East End Opry" at The Milk Pail - Watermill, NY  *

The "East End Opry" is a rotating music series featuring various Long Island/NYC based singer-songwriters that is hosted and curated by fellow Long Island singer-songwriter Fred Raimondo.  The series changes venues from time to time, and for the Spring/Summer it was decided that it'd be at the outdoor venue of The Milk Pail in Watermill, NY, out East on Long Island's South Fork.  The obvious issue with having any outdoor shows is that they'll be contingent on weather.  I was initially scheduled to play the series in May, but a string of rainy days early in the month forced me to reschedule for June.  Luckily when this date rolled around, the weather held up (beautifully) and I got a chance to perform a nice long set of my own tunes.  It was a splendid venue, and a fantastic night overall.  

* Saturday June 9th - Po'Boy Brewing (opening for The Traveling Ones) - Port Jefferson Station, NY *

I had the pleasure of being asked by Dj Trevor from WUSB's Country Pocket radio program if I would open up for The Traveling Ones, a duo who would be on tour from Nashville and making a Long Island stop at Po'Boy Brewing in Port Jefferson Station, NY.  It was part of a series that the Country Pocket program looks to host a few times a year at Po'Boy to get some touring Roots/Americana artists to come on into our little glacial deposit that we call home. I'm very glad that Justin & Emily of the Traveling Ones agreed happily to brave the bridges and Long Island traffic to come out this way, as their music was VERY well received among us Long Islanders.  They played their own well written songs while adding in a mix of Americana classics as well.  (I very much enjoyed their version of Gram Parson's "Return Of The Grievous Angel").  I don't think anyone got a chance to snap a photo of my performance, but my setlist from my opening set is included in the photos below.  

* Friday June 15th - Swing The Teapot (w/ Erik Semo) - Floral Park, NY *

I have performed at Swing The Teapot a handful of times in the past years, but only with short sets doing some opening stuff for when the Butchers Blind crew were having a monthly residence at what was then their "hometown venue."  I'm glad that I got a chance to set up a show of my own at this wonderful spot, and in the process of setting it up I got to talking with another singer-songwriter friend of mine Erik Semo (because I knew he had been doing a few recent shows at the Teapot) and we decided to split the night.  We each played long sets of our own, and got together at the very end to perform some off the cuff cover versions of tunes by our favorite writers.  All in all it was an enjoyable night with a great attentive crowd. (And the Gunniess was "perfect", as you may expect it to be in a bonafide Irish establishment.)

* Sunday June 24th - Bryan Gallo + his Band @ Arts On Terry Festival - Patchogue, NY *

This was the very first full band show I had lined up for 2018, and I was looking forward to it greatly. I dusted off my old Fender Jagstang that I used back in the day with my High School band Attic Space, and figured I'd give it a go for these full band arrangements.  The Arts On Terry fest was a fine afternoon where many visual artists, sculptors, and musicians gathered on Terry St. in Patchogue, NY to showcase their works thanks to the generous funding of the Patchogue Arts Council.  There was a great stage and sound system for the afternoon (thanks to Kevin Weiser of Blue Owl Art for putting together the music lineup, and to Ryan D'Amico for bringing and running his sound rig.)  I had Mick Hargreaves with me on bass + vocals, Pete Mancini on guitar + vocals, and Nick Balzano on drums.  This was my first full band outing in a while without having a keyboard player in the mix, but it gave me a chance to do some cool "interweaving" with Pete on his guitar parts.  We played some old favorites, a few newer ones, and an impromptu cover of AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long", with me in my best Brian Johnson voice.  (Yes, that happened.)  It was a whole lotta fun, and made me even more excited for the other upcoming full band shows this Summer.  




Montauk Music Fest 2018: “The End” of the Spring and the start of my Summer  

I’ve been part of the lineup for the Montauk Music Festival a few years running now, but this year marked a few “firsts” for me at the fest,  It was the first time I performed solo, as I usually perform with a backing group for the fest, and it was also the firs year that I played multiple sets throughout the weekend.  While I did miss the “extra muscle” of having some extra musicians and sound behind me, performing solo comes with this advantages as setlists, keys of songs, and other things can change on the fly a lot easier.  I performed Friday and Saturday evenings of the fest at 668 The Surf Lodge, O’Murphy’s, and Sammy’s, all cool establishments in Montauk with their own vibe.  I played some tried and true tunes of mine, continued to play-test some thst I’d like to get to the studio soon, and even slipped in a few of my favorite covers. The audiences were responsive to the songs that many of them had never heard before, and that’s always a cool thing.  
I also had the opportunity to sneak some “extra curriculars” in as well when I wasn’t performing or running to or from a venue.  A few of my close friends came out to hear me perform and to hand got the weekend, and on Friday night we hit up the classic Montauk mainstay Liar’s Saloon.  For anyone unfamiliar with Liar’s, it’s an old fisherman’s bar that’s been around for decades where many of  true Montauk locals hang.  The drinks are cheap and plentiful, and DJ Harry runs the infamous “Harryoake” Karaoke on Friday nights.  Lucky for me, that’s when we decided to stop in and I got a chance to let loose on a few of my favorite guilty pleasure Pop sing-alongs.  I wouldn’t say I was intentionally trolling the crowd, but I’d say the crowd was pretty evenly divided on my song selection, I gained a few fans out of the deal, which made it worth singing Rick Ashley and Smash Mouth. If you ever find yourself in Montauk on a Friday night and are looking for a real deal dive bar that is fun, fun, fun, head to Liar’s! 

One of the artist perks of the festival weekend was that we were allotted passes to the Montauk Lighthouse museum & tower climb.  Even though I’m a Long Island native, I’ve only been up in the lighthouse once when I was pretty young on a family vacation.  I’m glad I took advantage of the offer because I was able to fully appreciate the rich history of the Lighthouse and the stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean from up top.  I sometimes take it for granted that I live close enough to so many great things, but this festival weekend was a reminder of why I’m lucky to be where I’m at.  


Spring show-er-s bring.... The Happy Recap of April 2018 

The beginning few months of my 2018 performance schedule wound up being atypically busy, as both February and March had close to ten shows scheduled for each month.  Thankfully, April slowed down just a little bit, but still allowed the time for me to be part of some memorable performances.  Below is The “happy recap” of a few notable shows from April 2018:

* Friday, April 6th - 1867 Sanctuary Arts & Culture Center - Ewing, NJ *

In the month of March, I did two dates over in NJ with CO based Singer-Songwriter Emily Barnes.  Emily was doing a tour of the North East for a few weeks, and Emily did a few other dates to finish off her month of March while I came back to my homebase on Long Island to do perform some scattered dates and have a little down time.  Once I enjoyed some of my time off, I was excited to head back into NJ for another show with Emily that would also have my good friend and sometimes collaborator Pete Mancini joining us as well.  We had set up a weekend of two "Song Swap" shows "In The Round" (Nashville style) and the first of the two brought us to the 1867 Sanctuary Arts & Culture Center in Ewing, NJ.  The 1867 Sanctuary is a church that was built back in (you guessed it) 1867.  Aside from it being gorgeous architecturally, it also boasts some stunning acoustics.  Upon entering the venue, we noticed that every little sound can be heard with clarity and with a very nice natural reverb.  Emily, Pete, and I decided to ditch any sort of amplification and perform the show "au natural", without any microphones and go strictly acoustic.  Normally I would have my reservations about this, as I want to make sure that every audience member will be able to hear well enough, but thankfully our audience that evening were there to hang on every word, strum, and melody, creating quite the rewarding experience for both us and them.  (I would highly suggest that you check out a show in this venue if you live near the Western NJ/Eastern PA vicinity).  

* Saturday, April 7th - Grey Horse Tavern - Bayport, NY *

After Emily, Pete, and I wrapped up the show at the 1867 sanctuary, we grabbed some food at the New Ewing Diner (HIGHLY recommended) and then headed back to our respective home bases to rest up for the show the following evening at the Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport, NY.  The Grey Horse Tavern (or simply "GHT" as many of us Long Island locals affectionately call it) is not only a restaurant reviewed favorably by the NYT, but also serves as one of Long Island's best venues to catch original live music.  I know the owners Linda and Irene well, and they are both very supportive of the Long Island music scene and original songwriters and this is why I was glad that we were able to do night two of the "Emily, Bryan & Pete Song Swap" at the GHT.  The environment was for sure much different than the show we did the previous night (for starters, they serve beer in a Tavern) but the audience was still engaged and entertained.  We certainly were able to crack a few extra jokes while on stage in a Tavern setting, and my own set list varied by a few songs here and there to suit the fans with drinks in their hands.  I can't say enough good things about the GHT.  It's one of my homes away from home, so be sure to stop in whenever they're hosting live music.  

* Sunday April 22nd - Folkie Fest Presents: The 12 String Fling - South Bay Arts Studio - Bayport, NY *

In my teens when I started collecting records & CDs and started developing my taste in music via the various sounds that would come from those recordings, I realized I was drawn often to performers who used 12 string guitars on the regular.  I had become addicted to "the jangle", getting into groups like REM & The Smiths, and being drawn to plenty of songs by The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Led Zeppelin, and many others that featured the instrument.  (I even purchased an Epiphone Double Neck SG with my very first tax return check in my teens).  So when I was asked by Gail Field who runs and coordinated "The Folkie Fest" here on Long Island if I'd like to be part of an all 12 String guitar show, I gladly accepted.  The show was hosted at South Bat Arts, a music & arts space owned and run by Jack Licitra (of Jack's Waterfall & The Waterstreet Blues Band fame).  The afternoon included performances from James O'Malley, Shari Yeomans, Dawn & David Banks (aka Breaking Dawn), Connie Rae, and yours truly.  Each artist went up to perform a few songs of their own, as well as a jangle inspired cover song.  Each artist was also asked a few questions by Jack Licitra in order for the audience to learn about each person and their personal relationship with the 12 String guitar.  I forgot to take a photo from my set list that afternoon, but I performed "All These Pretty Girls", "On The Way Down", a cover of Tom Petty's "Learning To Fly", and "County Fair".  I was also the odd man out at the show, as I brought my Electric 12 string Danelectro, as my 12 String Taylor acoustic I had recently purchased was at my guitar tech getting fixed up after it experienced an unfortunate few cracks on its front and sides.  (It's since been repaired, and is ready to go back out for some live performances.) 

... I sincerely enjoyed performing a variety of shows during the month of April, and it was nice having a little extra downtime as well.  As the weather warms up and we get closer to Memorial Day Weekend, down time is something I know I shouldn't take for granted as Summer rarely slows its roll as the "busy season" for us musicians.  I could complain, but why should I?  As someone out there once said, "Busy is good".  And if I'm busy because I'm making music for people who want to hear it, then I think I should say that I consider myself a very lucky guy.  -Bryan


Gettin' on those Steppin' Shoes: A recap of March 2018 

If you happened to read through my recap of February 2018, you'll already know that I managed to wind up with an average of one show for every three days out of that month.  I happened to get an extra three days in March, and also had a few less performance dates.  I knew I needed to leave myself some extra time as opposed to what I had in February due to the fact that two of my shows this month saw me hitting the road and playing a little ways away from my home base.  (I also made sure to leave some time to hang with friends, and take in Tina Fey's Mean Girls musical on Broadway and had a chance to see Weird Al play a hilarious show at the Apollo.)  Without too much more ramblin' on, I'll give you some of the highlights from my performances in those 31 days.  

*Saturday 3/2/18 - 77th I.B.S. College Radio Conference @ Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC* 

I was asked by Norman Prusslin and the good folks over at WUSB 90.1 FM if I would be on the Musicians/Performing Artists panel for the 77th Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems conference.  This was my third time being part of this conference, and it's always a blast getting to perform for and network with folks from so many great college radio stations from the North East.  In a world where there is so much competition for people's attention via different media outlets, college radio still remains a vital and essential way to really connect with a dedicated fan base.  So many of my music heroes were able to build their careers and reputations because of College Radio, and the great college stations are still places where independent and grassroots artists such as myself are able to get consistent support and recognition.  Radio, radio!  

* Friday 3/9/18 - Peacesmith Coffeehouse @ The First United Methodist Church in Amityville, NY * 

This was a sort of last minute addition to the calendar, as the originally intended featured performer at the Peacesmith series for the month wasn't able to make the new rescheduled date because of the Noreaster the week before.  I was asked to come and perform by the series' host Rob Gilheany, and I available and more than happy to oblige. I've performed this series once before, and I've always loved the acoustics in the little performance auditorium in the church's second floor.  (It's really easy to perform using just one overall microphone.)  I got a chance to play some older songs, newer songs, and "regular favorites", all while helping to raise money and food donations for the Long Island Food Not Bombs program.  Far out!  

* Friday 3/16/18 - Dragonfly Music & Coffee Cafe w/ Emily Barnes, Letitia VanSant - Somerville, NJ *

For the longest while I've been meaning to perform some gigs away from my own home base with some more regularity.  After I attended the NERFA music conference at the tail end of last year, I met several musicians and venue promoters that are starting to help make that happen.  Emily Barnes was on tour of the North East and she and I set up a few dates together, and I'm glad that I was added onto this show that happened in Somerville, NJ that Letitia VanSant was on as well.  Letitia has been touring on her fantastic new album Gut It To The Studs that quickly has become one of my favorite releases of 2018 thus far, so it was a true pleasure to catch up with her and perform as part of the same billing.  Emily, Letitia, & I took turns performing some "round robin" mini-sets, and it was a great night overall at the Dragonfly Cafe.  

* Sunday 3/18/18 - Folk On Foul Rift House Concert (opening for Emily Barnes) - Belvidere, NJ *

I've attended a few really good house concerts as an audience member, but up until this show I had never performed as part of one.  When I had learned that there was a whole network of folks out there that host shows in their homes that happen to double as perfect performance spaces as well, I always wanted to get myself onto some shows in these venues.  There's something just magical about really being able to relate to your audience on a real one on one fashion, and get together with them before and after the performance to share a meal and get a chance to know each other.  That's why I'm very grateful that Emily Barnes had asked Brian McCloskey, the host of the Folk On Foul Rift monthly house concert series, if I could open up for her when she was stopping in to their venue.  Brian was open to me coming and starting the afternoon off, and I'm so glad that he was.  This was my first house concert that I've performed, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who may live in the Northern NJ/ North Eastern PA area.  Brian & Blair McCloskey do an excellent job in making sure both the performers and audience members feel welcomed and "at home", and they layout of the performance space allows you to hear every note and word perfectly and in an intimate setting.  

* Wednesday 3/28/18 - Featured performer at North Shore Original Open Mic @ Finley's of Green St. - Huntington, NY *

At this past year's NERFA conference, fellow Singer/Songwriter and all around good guy Toby Tobias had thought up the idea that many of us Long Island based musicians should get together in the hotel lobby for a late night jam and song swap.  Shortly after the conference, Toby reached out and asked if I'd like to be a featured performer at his weekly NOOM series that he hosts.  I was delighted that he did, because I had performed at his series two years ago or so when it was run at the now defunct Danyell's Kitchen in Northport, NY.  While that venue was cozy and inviting, the venue the series is held at now has a great stage and in-house PA system, and is a great blend of listening room and old school pub space.  There was an open mic that preceded my featured set, so I had a chance to hear and meet so many other songwriters before I hopped up to perform my set.  Huntington and the Northwest corner of Long Island is known for its storied history of hosting and supporting Folk music and Singer-Songwriters (including many legends like Pete Seeger and Harry Chapin) so it was a true pleasure to perform for an audience that appreciates song craft and can also "talk shop" with you about it afterwards.  

(Performance photo by Michael Kornfeld)

* Friday 3/30/18 - C'est Cheese (trading off sets w/ Rorie Kelly) - Port Jefferson, NY *

C'est Cheese is one of my frequently recurring gigs on my home base of Long Island, and mostly I'm performing favorite cover material of mine as an "entertainment" gig.  It turned out that Rorie and I discovered that we were both accidentally booked on the same date, so we decided to split the evening by trading off some shorter sets to fill the time for the evening.  (We've both known each other for quite some time from the Long Island music scene.)  The evening wound  up going over very well because not only do Rorie and I both perform enough material that pretty much delivers a little bit of everything for the audience to hear, but it also allowed us to perform out own songs for an audience who came to learn that they enjoyed our original songs just as much as the cover material they were already familiar with.  It was a win/win/win: the more  that people are exposed to  new and original music instead of some of the same old expected "bar room standards", the more chance there is that an original music scene can grow in an Island  full of nostalgiac cover bands and tribute act.  

... So as I write this now reflecting on the month of March in the month of April, which also by happenstance also happens to be in the early morning hours off my birthday, I'm still learning that no matter how many things you feel you may have done already as a musician (or whatever your niche in life happens to be) there still is plenty more new to be done.  Here's looking excitedly to the "march" forward toward new opportunities and towards roads I've yet to meet.  -Bryan

Bryan featured on The Long Island Music Spotlight video series  

Howdy all, 

A few weeks back I paid a visit to the good folks working with Blue Owl Arts (in conjunction with the Patchogue Arts Council) to be a guest on the Long Island Music Spotlight video series.  I performed “Karna”, “When Wallflowers Bloom”, "Waitress On Call", “All These Pretty Girls” (all from The Party Guest) and also “County Fair” (which has yet to hit the recording studio).   I also had some questions thrown my way for a loose and off the cuff interview.  Thanks to Kevin Weiser (Host), Ryan D'amico (Audio Engineer) & Billy Papaemanuel (Videography).  Be sure to check it below!  -Bryan 

The Shortest Month Left Me Short Of Sleep: A Recap Of A Most Busy February 2018 

It's often said that for working musicians, that the Winter months are the "off months".  The common idea is that artists get booked less in these months because there's more audiences are more receptive to head out to a show once the weather is warmer,  the daylight hours are longer, and they don't have a fear of running into any undesired travel conditions.  Usually we musician take the Winter months to get our bearings together, maybe work on recording or wood-shedding some new material.  Oddly enough, this year started off with the shortest month of the year tricking me into thinking that Summer may have come early, as I wound up with nine scheduled shows.  They were in all sorts of venues around Long Island, and varied in format.  Here are the highlights from a few of them....

Friday 2/2/18 - Acoustic Showcase hosted by My Jam Music Network at the Brewer's Collective in Bayshore, NY.  *

My Jam Music is run by a fellow musician John Nagle, who works tirelessly to put together shows around Long Island and the NYC area that showcases original singer/songwriters and bands.  There was a full lineup of talents that evening, including some that I've known for quite a while including Richard Lanahan and Toby Tobias, and some such as Dani Christian that I got to hear for the very first time in a live setting.  The craft beers at this spot were FANTASTIC and kept us warm on what wound up being a crazy cold evening.  We had a full band jam at the end of the evening pulling out some favorite cover material we all knew, and I got the chance to sing Neil Young's "Down By The River" sans my guitar... which felt pretty liberating getting to rock out and just be a bonafide frontman singer type.  2/2/18 - Acoustic Showcase @ The Brewers Collective - Bayshore, NY

* Sunday 2/4/18 - Buddy Holly Tribute Show hosted by Shecky & The Twangtones Duo - Grey Horse Tavern - Bayport, NY *

I was absolutely delighted and honored to have been asked by Shecky of the Long Island Surf Rock & Roots band Shecky & The Twangtones to hop onto their Buddy Holly Tribute show at the Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport, NY.  I'm pretty certain that it's safe to say that anyone who fancies themselves a songwriter has to pass through Buddy Holly's largely influential work at one point or another.  Our show took place 59 years and a day after the infamous "Day The Music Died" (when Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper passed unfortunately and untimely in a plane wreck) so we were looked to play  the songs that Buddy wrote and performed to help keep the music alive.  My set included "Everyday", "True Love Ways", "Raining In My Heart" and "Learning The Game".  I had to take a few days to get some of the songs just right, but I'm very glad that I did.  Shecky & Uncle B added some additional guitar and percussion, and the songs turned out great.  Despite the show being on Super Bowl Sunday and starting only a few hours before kickoff, we still had a great crowd and have already discussed reprising the show again around the same time next year.  

Sunday 2/4/18 - Buddy Holly Tribute Show - Grey Horse Tavern - Bayport, NY

* Saturday 2/17/18 - Folk Fest hosted by My Jam Music Network - Tap & Barrel - Smithtown, NY *

John Nagle & his My Jam Music Network once again put together a really fantastic lineup of original music for this show.  Even though my set was scheduled for a little after 10pm, I arrived around 6pm so I could catch a bunch of acts before me.  (If you're curious to know who else was on the billing, check out the flyer in the collage below).  We wound up having a last minute snow storm that lasted for a few hours, but despite the weather, plenty of folks still came out for great craft brews and original music.  A win/win for sure!  As the night rolled on, I somehow got wrangled into playing some rhythm guitar and singing some lead on a set of cover material for the late night boozers.  I solely objected to performing "Margaritaville", because even when the folks is drinkin', a contemplative singer-songwriter such as myself has gotta go home knowing he didn't incite a "SALT, SALT, SALT!" chant.  

* Sunday 2/18/18 - Clovis Point Vineyard - Jamesport, NY *

Clovis Point is a fantastic winery on Long Island's North Fork, and is one of my regular gigs that I really enjoy playing.  It was an unseasonably warm February afternoon, and it also happened to be my Mother's birthday.  She was in attendance, and if you guessed that I got everyone in attendance to sing her "Happy Birthday", you should go play lotto today because you guessed correctly.  It was also a notable gig because I got a chance to use my newly purchased Taylor 12 string acoustic at length, and I also performed under my new alias "Byran Gallo".  Actually, it was a misspelling on the chalkboard that no one, including myself, seemed to notice until I was already onto my last set of the afternoon.  We all had a good long laugh over that one.. and now I have a new alter-ego stage name to use if I ever need it. 

* Thursday 2/24/18 - Cabin Fever Music Festival show at Southampton Publick House - Southampton, NY *

It's hard enough to get people to come out for a show on a weeknight sometimes, but on a weeknight in February?!  The Cabin Fever Music Festival here on Long Island looks to get people out of their house during the doldroms of Winter to experience some local, live music.  I've been part of this festival lineup before, and it's always a blast.  This year brought me to a show at the Southampton Publick House in Southampton, NY.   My good friend Mick Hargreaves was on the bill for the evening, and the fellas from Earth Real filled in for Andrew Cooper who wasn't able to make it last minute.  Mick hopped in on a few songs with me during my set, craft brews were drank, many guitars were played, and we all defeated the Winter weeknight bummer trap.  

* 2/28/18 - Music From The Hive Songwriter Series - Still Partners - Seacliff, NY*

Just when I thought I couldn't keep awake much longer, another weeknight gig popped up in my schedule on the very last day of the shortest month of the year.  I had booked this one several months before 2017 had ended, and I was very excited when I did.  It was an "In The Round" songswap with Cecilia Kirtland, Eli Maniscalco, Hank Stone, and myself.  I had only wished that me or someone else had set up a video or audio recording device for the evening, because the songs and stories handed from each performer to the other were done in such an entertaining and magical way, that I think a second show with the same format and lineup should be in order.  We all were writers coming from different views and angles, all with different timbered voices and personalities. Isn't that what a good show is all about?  Anyway.. here's some photos I managed to capture from the evening...

... February 2018 has come and gone.  Nine scheduled shows performed in just 28 days, all while still dealing with all of the other things life decided to throw at me... and I surely wouldn't have it any other way.  Here's to hoping the rest of 2018 keeps rolling like this and I also find some time to sleep some.



Fare Thee Well 2017, You’ve Been Good To Me  


    The year Two Thousand and Seventeen was quite a mixed bag.  On one hand, the whole world around us was experiencing a lot of change.  Some yelling "Hooray for our side", others, not so much.  On the other hand, even though things got a bit foggy and exhausting here and there, there was still music.  And plenty of it.

    I think it goes without saying, but thank goodness for the music all around.   I know all of the things happening in the world at large had an effect on me as well in one way or another.  But despite that, it was still a great year for me being there was plenty of music to be performed, listened to, and appreciated in these past twelve months.  I looked over my 2017 calendar to recap the year, and I had 98 total scheduled performances (and it's possible there were maybe even a few more).  I played in restaurants and bars, breweries and vineyards, theaters and listening rooms.  I had shows as a solo performer, as a duo, and with a full tilt electric Rock N Roll outfit.  I performed indoors and outdoors, to audiences both large and intimate.  Through it all, I was always reminded that creating and performing music for others is not just a passion of mine, but that for a small but meaningful blip in a 365 span, it helps both me and the audience take our mind from the "heaviness" of the world around.  

   As I sit to write this in the final hours of 2017,  I'm left to ask myself the cliche 'What are my New Years Resolutions for 2018?'.  I'd certainly like to get some new studio recordings out to everyone, so I'm hoping I dedicate some time this upcoming year to get those out to you, whether that means slowing down the live performance schedule, or just somehow bending time and making it all work.  I have a good handful of songs I tested in my  "full band" show this past year, and I think they'd all make great recordings.  I've been sitting on plenty of songs that have been written for a few years now that I think need official releases as well, and I'd like to get them out from being just "live set Nuggets" and instead to the ears of the masses.  I'm not yet sure of what release strategy I'd like to pursue, but when it happens you'll all be the first to know.  

   Also in this New Year,  I'm hoping to make some more time for new songs to come.  I've gone through plenty of new experiences in the past twelve months, and I've been writing plenty of lyrical ideas and taking the time to record ideas for vocal melodies or guitar riffs as soon as they come to me.  2018 will hopefully be the year of tying up all of the loose ends, and coming out with some cool new material to share with you all.  

   I'm just about headed out to spend New Years Eve among some family and friends, so I'll end this by hoping you and yours have had yourself a great 2017, and that your 2018 is even better!